Transcript: Stuart Firestein on Why Ignorance and Failure Lead to Scientific Progress – Episode #14

Corey: This is Manifold. Our guest today is Stuart Firestein, Professor of neuroscience at Columbia University, where he specializes in the olfactory system, and Stuart is the author of two books, the first, Ignorance: How it Drives Science. The second is Failure: Why Science is so Successful. Welcome to Manifold, Stuart. Stuart: Well, thanks, Corey. […]

Transcript: Joe Cesario on Political Bias and Problematic Research Methods in Social Psychology – #13

Corey: So we have Joe Cesario back. Joe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology here at Michigan State University. He studies police shootings, and he’s also a broad commentator on research methods in social psychology and broadly a critic of his own field, which makes going to conferences interesting. What I’m interested […]

Transcript: James Cham on Venture Capital, Risk Taking, and the Future Impacts of AI – Episode #12

Steve: Hi, this is Steve Hsu, and this is Manifold. Our guest today is James Cham, a venture capitalist at Bloomberg Beta. Corey couldn’t make it today, so it’s just me and James. We got to know each other, I think, starting many years ago through a kind of unstructured Silicon Valley meeting that has […]

Transcript: Ron Unz on the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, The Unz Review, and the Harvard Admissions Scandal – Episode #10

Ron Unz is the publisher of the Unz Review, a controversial, but widely read, alternative media site hosting opinion outside of the mainstream, including from both the far right and the far left. Unz studied theoretical physics at Harvard, Cambridge and Stanford. He founded the software company Wall Street Analytics, acquired by Moody’s in 2006, and was behind the 1998 ballot initiative that ended bilingual education in California.

Transcript: Philosopher Sam Kerstein on the Morality of Genome Engineering, Inequality, and Star Trek – Episode #9

Corey and Steve speak with Samual Kerstein, Professor of Philosophy and expert in Medical Ethics at the University of Maryland. They discuss the ethics of genome engineering and preimplantation embryo selection, and the inequality and narrowing of human diversity that might result from widespread adoption of these technologies. Among the topics covered: Why genome engineering at this time is immoral. Should we always pick the healthiest embryo? In the future will parents have a moral obligation to engineer their children? Will there be an arms race between countries to engineer their populations? Is Star Trek’s Khan a more advanced person (Steve) or just another smart psychopath (Sam) or both?

Transcript: Sabine Hossenfelder on the Crisis in Particle Physics and Against the Next Big Collider – Episode #8

David Skrbina is a philosopher at the University of Michigan. He and Ted Kaczynski published the book Technological Slavery, which elaborates on the Unabomber manifesto and contains about 100 pages of correspondence between the two which took place over almost a decade. Skrbina discusses his and Kaczynski’s views on deep problems of technological society, and whether violent opposition to it is justified.

Transcript: David Skrbina on Ted Kaczynski, Technological Slavery, and the Future of Our Species – Episode #7

Steve: Okay, our guest today is David Skrbina, a professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan. David has very broad interests, but today we specifically want to talk to him about the philosophy of technology. Perhaps his most well known work is a book which was written in collaboration, in a sense, with Ted […]

Transcript: John Hawks on Human Evolution, Ancient DNA, and Big Labs Devouring Fossils – Episode #6

Steve: Welcome to Manifold. Corey, this week we’ve got a real treat. Our guest today is John Hawks, a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He is my favorite perhaps — or definitely one of my favorite — “bone-diggin’ologists” in the whole world. And John is actually a triple threat, he’s a very rare talent: […]

Transcript: Noor Siddiqui, Thiel Fellow, on Stanford and Silicon Valley – Episode #3

Steve: My name is Corey Washington. Steve: I’m Steve Hsu, and this our show, Manifold. Steve: Steve, we just had a great conversation with a fabulous young woman named Noor Siddiqui, who you first met a few months ago. Tell us about that. Steve: Noor is the founder of an event at Stanford called No […]