Transcript: Betsy McKay on Trends in Heart Disease and How to Avoid It – #20

Steve: Thanks for joining us. I’m Steve Hsu. Corey: And I’m Corey Washington, and we’re your hosts for Manifold. Our guest today is Betsy McKay. Betsy is a senior writer on US and global public health at The Wall Street Journal. Betsy joined The Journal in 1996 as part of the Moscow bureau where she […]

Transcript: Ted Chiang on Free Will, Time Travel, Many Worlds, Genetic Engineering, and Hard Science Fiction – #19

Steve: Thanks for joining us. I’m Steve Hsu. Corey: And I’m Corey Washington, and we’re your hosts for Manifold. Steve: Our guest today is Ted Chiang. He is one of my favorite science fiction writers, and also one of Corey’s. His work has won — I’m now reading from his Wikipedia entry, which I hope […]

Transcript: Rebecca Campbell on Identifying Serial Perpetrators, Rape Investigations and Untested Rape Kits – #18

Steve: Thanks for joining us. I’m Steve Hsu. Corey: And I’m Corey Washington and we’re your host for Manifold. Our guest today is Doctor Rebecca Campbell, professor of psychology at Michigan State University. Her research focuses on violence against women and children with an emphasis on sexual assault and specifically understanding how contact with the […]

Transcript: Mark Moffett on the Life and Death of Human Societies – #17

Steve: Thanks for joining us. I’m Steve Hsu. Corey: I’m Corey Washington. We’re your hosts of Manifold. Today, our guest is Mark Moffett. Mark is a research associate in the Department of Entomology at the National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institute. He is also one of E.O. Wilson’s last students. As I’ve talked about […]

Transcript: John Schulman: OpenAI and recent advances in Artificial Intelligence – #16

Steve: Our guest today is John Schulman. He is a research scientist at OpenAI. He’s the co-lead for their reinforcement learning team, where he works on designing better reinforcement learning algorithms, and also designing better training environments that teach agents transferrable skills. Much of the work that he does uses games or virtual worlds as […]

Transcript: Daniel Max on Writing a Literary non-Fiction Classic and Prion Diseases Then and Now – #15

Steve: Corey, our guest today is an old friend of yours, D.T. or Dan Max. I’ve heard you talk in the past about a nonfiction science book he wrote called The Family That Couldn’t Sleep, which is about a family with a genetic condition that makes them vulnerable to a kind of prionic disease that […]

Transcript: Stuart Firestein on Why Ignorance and Failure Lead to Scientific Progress – Episode #14

Corey: This is Manifold. Our guest today is Stuart Firestein, professor of neuroscience at Columbia University, where he specializes in the olfactory system, and Stuart is the author of two books — the first, Ignorance: How it Drives Science; the second is Failure: Why Science is so Successful. Welcome to Manifold, Stuart. Stuart: Well thanks, […]

Transcript: Joe Cesario on Political Bias and Problematic Research Methods in Social Psychology – #13

Corey: So we have Joe Cesario back. Joe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology here at Michigan State University. He studies police shootings, and he’s also a broad commentator on research methods in social psychology and broadly a critic of his own field, which makes going to conferences interesting. What I’m interested […]

Transcript: James Cham on Venture Capital, Risk Taking, and the Future Impacts of AI – Episode #12

Steve: Hi, this is Steve Hsu, and this is Manifold. Our guest today is James Cham, a venture capitalist at Bloomberg Beta. Corey couldn’t make it today, so it’s just me and James. We got to know each other, I think, starting many years ago through a kind of unstructured Silicon Valley meeting that has […]

Transcript: Joe Cesario on Police Decision Making and Racial Bias in Deadly Force Decisions – Episode #11

Corey: Hello and welcome to Manifold, where we look at today’s scientific issues from varying points of view. I’m your host, Corey Washington. My co-host, Steve Hsu, is a little bit away across a desk because he is infectious. Steve: I’m a little under the weather. I’m going to be probably a little bit quiet […]