Transcript: Ron Unz on the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, The Unz Review, and the Harvard Admissions Scandal – Episode #10

Steve: Corey, our guest today is Ron Unz, an old friend of mine, who actually defies description. If asked to give a short description of Ron Unz, I feel like I couldn’t. I could start by saying that he was on track in life to be a theoretical physicist and then events intervened, but that […]

Transcript: Philosopher Sam Kerstein on the Morality of Genome Engineering, Inequality, and Star Trek – Episode #9

Corey: All right, let’s get going. Our guest today is Professor Sam Kerstein of the University of Maryland. Sam is a specialist in medical ethics, and we’re going to be talking to him today about the ethics of human genome editing. Welcome to Manifold, Sam. Sam: Thank you very much, good to be here. Corey: […]

Sabine Hossenfelder on the Crisis in Particle Physics and Against the Next Big Collider – #8

Hossenfelder is a Research Associate at the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies. Her research areas include particle physics and quantum gravity. She discusses the current state of theoretical physics, and her recent book Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray.

Transcript: David Skrbina on Ted Kaczynski, Technological Slavery, and the Future of Our Species – Episode #7

Steve: Okay, our guest today is David Skrbina, a professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan. David has very broad interests, but today we specifically want to talk to him about the philosophy of technology. Perhaps his most well known work is a book which was written in collaboration, in a sense, with Ted […]

Transcript: John Hawks on Human Evolution, Ancient DNA, and Big Labs Devouring Fossils – Episode #6

Steve: Welcome to Manifold. Corey, this week we’ve got a real treat. Our guest today is John Hawks, a professor at the University of Wisconsin. He is my favorite perhaps — or definitely one of my favorite — “bone-diggin’ologists” in the whole world. And John is actually a triple threat, he’s a very rare talent: […]

Transcript: Noor Siddiqui, Thiel Fellow, on Stanford and Silicon Valley – Episode #3

Steve: My name is Corey Washington. Steve: I’m Steve Hsu, and this our show, Manifold. Steve: Steve, we just had a great conversation with a fabulous young woman named Noor Siddiqui, who you first met a few months ago. Tell us about that. Steve: Noor is the founder of an event at Stanford called No […]

Transcript: Bobby Kasthuri & Brain Mapping – Episode #2

Corey: All right. Okay. Welcome to our podcast. My name’s Corey Washington, and this is my co-host Steve Hsu. And we’re going to tell you little bit about how we hope our next episode should be going and some of the plans we’ve got for the show, but we’d like to lay out our general […]

Transcript: CRISPR Babies – Episode #1

Corey: Yeah, let’s begin to move into the topic of today’s discussion which is these CRISPR babies that recently generated in China. Steve: CRISPR babies, designer babies. Corey: And so this touches on your interest in genomics. Steve: It does. Corey: And so let’s get a little background about this. Let’s talk a little about […]

Transcript: Kaiser Kuo of Sinica on Modern China and US-China relations – Episode #5

Steve: All right. Corey, I’m really excited about our guest today. He’s someone whom I’ve been listening to I think since 2010 or so, which is when his podcast Sinica launched, and he’s quite a colorful character. I hope to spend some time on his biography, which I think is underexplored in his own podcast. […]

Transcript: Ted Schultz on Ants, Emergent Behavior, and the Molecular Revolution in Systematics – Episode #4

Corey: Ready to go Steve? Steve: Yeah, I’m all set. This is your show. Corey: Awesome. Welcome to Manifold. Our guest today is Ted Schultz. Ted is a research entomologist at the National Museum of Natural History, where he studies leaf-cutter ants. Ted is a specialist in evolution, symbioses, and systematics. Welcome to Manifold, Ted. […]